Desert Safari

Play in the wonderful world of Desert, Adventure of Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a fun filled, adventure based game for all

Be the hero of the Desert and try to collect all the jewels which appear on the screen, be careful and avoid the obstacles which may take your life. Also be careful about touch the top and bottom rotating spike.

Mission is after falling down from the sky, user has to stay in the air and be in the air as long as possible, while flying in the air user need to collect as much as jewels he can.

Collect Maximum Jewel(Gold, Diamonds) etc. Also dont forgot to collect life saving objects like Superman, Safety Bubble, Health, and Slow Motion.

Also avoid stepping on the Spiky platform and Platform which has Fire on it. There are other difficult platforms to make life worse e.g. Right/Left tilt platform, Invisible Platform, Rolling Right/Left platform, Shrinking Platform.

Enjoy this adventurous game and have fun.

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