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Welcome to the world of Ukhane in Marathi language. Ukhane app will inspire you to follow our very own Indian tradition.

During wedding events, everyone will surround the newly wed couple and ask them to say few couplet. The actual couplet is called a Ukhana. The Ukhanes are usually quite humorous, making it one of the wedding game.

We are on a mission to make Ukhane list handy and useful for most of the Marathi people worldwide. This is a small attempt to keep Ukhane culture alive in today's modern lifestyle.

* Old is Gold *

In Marathi culture, Ukhane is one of the key element of life style. It was a practice in olden time in India that when asked about name of one's spouse, he/she would not take it directly but through a couplet.

* It's useful *

Every Marathi community knows about Ukhane, but when needed no one will remember on time. For those people Ukhane application is a quick and easy solution, specially in Marathi language. This application cover almost most of the possible categories which anyone can think of to use 365 days and for any event.

* It's colorful *

First time ever get Marathi Ukhane in digital colorful format on your smart phones/tablet and browse through variety of different categories for female and male. Beautiful images representing Ukhane for different categories.

* It's All in One *

Useful in Marriages, House warming ceremony, Dohale Jevan, Baby naming ceremony, Pooja, Mangalagaur and other festive season etc, this also include many funny Ukhane for jolly people. Also there are a lot of Ukhane which is for 24 x 7, no need to wait for any occasion and festival, take Ukhana for your love one at anytime, anywhere you like.

* Enjoy sharing *

Discover, add to favorite and share Ukhane with friends and family and loved ones via different social networking option within application.

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please send us your ideas for improving Ukhane app by popping an email to and we'll get back to you.

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